To ensure their commercial activities are realistic, practice firms must practically become a carbon copy of one or several actually existing companies, which become mentor firms. A mentor firm is sufficient, but many practice firms choose several in order to diversify their operations. The mentor firm is the model for the organization of the practice firm. At its discretion, it provides different documents, shares its expertise, participates in activities in areas such as sales and marketing, purchasing, human resources, accounting and finance. It ensures that the practice firm is up-to-date on the realities of the labor market in their area.

Taking up the role of being a mentor firm for a practice firm does has no direct financial implication. It requires above all a little time, especially at the beginning of the partnership. However, this role provides visibility opportunities and is a great way to get involved in the community.



Allow the simulated marketing of its products or services by the practice firm within the national and the international networks;

Loan of display equipment, advertising literature, administrative documents (for example: posters, catalogs, sales contracts, delivery notes, invoices, etc.)

Tips and timely information provided to the PF Management ensure the realism of its business



Possible visibility opportunities: on the practice firm promotional material; at practice firm trade shows; 

Within the practice firm as they are visible to staff members, participants, and visitors; 

International exposure due to the commercial activities in a worldwide network;

Ability to conduct international market research;

Possibility of recruiting practice firm participants who are already familiar with the operations of the mentor firm, its products, its services, and its markets.



PEN WORLDWIDE is a nonprofit organization established on October 27, 1997. It unites trainees, through national networks, in overs 7 500 practice firms in 40 countries around the world. This rapidly expanding network now covers every continent and corner of the world.


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